Ecological Sustainability


Rubberseal strives to achieve sustainability in a variety of different ways, from the use of specialist products which are widely recyclable, or, using products that can be applied without the use of naked flames. 

We also look at engaging with other like-minded businesses who are innovatively embarking on their own sustainability journey.

That’s why we appointed JS Project and Web to overhaul our website redesign and development project across our four websites. They are working with Trees for Life, a non-profit organisation based in Scotland – who are working in the rewilding of the Caledonian Forest, situated in the Scottish Highlands.

JS Project and Web have pledged to plant 5 trees in their corporate grove for every website project undertaken with them. So. As of January 2021, Rubberseal will have 20 trees planted in the Caledonian forest in recognition of our work together in the successful and sustainable completion of each of our four new websites!

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