S/A Membranes

Exclusively manufactured for Rubberseal, together with our Italian partners Copernit,  we have created our very own self-adhesive felt system which is completely cold applied, high performance and extremely convenient.
A modern, eco-friendly version of traditional felt systems, our self adhered  Autotak system is made of distilled bitumen modified with Styrene-Butadien-Styrene (SBS) polymers with an adhesive coating on the lower face that remains flexible at temperatures right down to -30.
Autotak is a fully cold applied, self adhered Built Up Felt (BUF) roofing system consisting of three layers;
. Vapour Control Layer (double sided option)
. Mid Layer (double sided option)
. Cap Sheet (one side self adhesive, one side mineral)
Save time, save on liability insurance, save the planet. Contact us today!

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