Rubberseal Green Roof Modules

With global temperatures rising and natural habitats changing, the demand for ‘living roofs’ is evidently on the increase. Their clever design, in addition to their aesthetically pleasing landscape potential positively contributes towards sustainable construction – a value in which we firmly share.

What is a green roof?

A green roof is simply a roof of a building which is partially or completely covered with a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane. They serve several purposes such as providing insulation, producing oxygen, absorbing rainwater, attracting wildlife and in some cases, reducing flood risk.

The fundamental part of any green roof is of course the underlying waterproof membrane. Both Rubberseal Liquiflex-Pro and Firestone EPDM are perfect solutions because of their seamless finish, meaning that there’s no entry for plant roots to cause damage to the roofing system.

In a case where damage was caused to the membrane, you can imagine the upheaval of a traditional green roof system, having to remove each loose laid layer! That’s why in addition to our high performance liquid system, we created a Rubberseal modular tray sedum system for its extreme convenience.

Our Rubberseal Green Roof System has multiple advantages over any other green roof system. Whilst they share the same purpose principally in slowing down rainwater into the drainage system, our modular trays make for cleaner and quicker installation. With a simple click into place, our modular trays can be fitted and secured as well as refitted in cases of damage to the underlying membrane.

Our modular trays also contain 16 varieties of luscious plant, adding to their aesthetic appeal among home owners and commercial owners alike. Equipped with nutrients, our Rubberseal Green Roof System can last you forever with some added TLC.

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