Liquiflex-Ultra PUMA


Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and polyurethane methacrylate (PUMA) technology systems are gaining attention due to their ultra-fast cure times, even in extreme temperatures, and lasting durability.

PMMA and PUMA coatings are touted for their extreme elongation and flexibility. However, in conditions where a high degree of movement is anticipated, a PUMA system will always outperform a PMMA.

That’s why we are excited to introduce Liquiflex-Ultra PUMA to our liquid range.

Taking just 30-40 minutes to fully cure, say hello to minimised disruption and closure times and significant savings to labour costs.

– Cold weather tolerant
– Ideal for heavy-duty applications including roofs, car parks, bridges and much more
– Cold applied
– Tenacious adhesion to most substrates
– Available in any RAL code
– Cost effective
– 10 & 20 year warranties available

Rubberseal are delighted to inform you that Liquiflex-Ultra PUMA is now available to order, complemented by full contractor training.

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