Rhenfofol CV PVC- P Membrane


The Rhenfol CV PVC- P Membrane specially reinforced with polyester threads. The installation method for this solution: the mechanically fastened layer structure without ballast.
Rhenofol CV offers a high level of safety and functionality on a wide variety of load-bearing slabs. Rhenofol CV is UV-resistant. The roofing membrane is constructed in two layers, with inlay and UV-stabilized top film throughout. This makes Rhenofol CV extremely durable.
Key Benefits Include:
  • For mechanical fastening, reinforced with polyester threads
  • Extremely tearproof and resistant
  • Hail-proof according to DIN EN 13583 and UV-resistant
  • Excellent behaviour against natural ageing
  • Ideal for new construction and renovation
  • BBA Accredited

Take a look at the Rhenofol Brochure.      Elevate FDT Rhenofol Brochure(1)

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