Our company mission is to exceed expectations

  • Eco-friendly solutions for a greener planet
  • Establishing and maintaining effective, honest, working relationships
  • Innovative products and tools for every project
  • Training delivery by our highly skilled team
  • Assisting in transforming creative plans to reality
  • Expert knowledge for our clients

Who we are and what we do

With over 18 years’ experience, Rubberseal have become one of the country’s leading specialists in non-flame application, flat roofing, and waterproofing systems.

We pride ourselves largely on our innovative approach towards encouraging sustainable practices in the industry and our commitment to supplying quality roofing materials.

In addition to being the main UK importer and distributor of Firestone EPDM, now known as Elevate, and other cold-applied roofing and waterproofing solutions, our green roof system has been hailed upon as revolutionary thanks to its clever, modular tray design, saving time on installation while contributing to a greener planet.

We are continuously adapting and growing into changing times. In fact, amidst the COVID 19 global pandemic, Rubberseal have continued to soar, acclimatising to new restrictions while achieving a record-breaking 5 months! From superior products to inventive tools, our industry expertise has enabled us to forward think, bringing a unique liquid applicator to the UK and a completely self-adhesive felt system (designed in-house) to the year 2020.

Communication is very much at the heart of what we do, including our social media presence. We take pride in establishing and fostering effective working relationships through both traditional and modern means throughout the UK, valuing each of our clients (no matter their size) with unbeatable customer service.

4.8/5 rating based on over 5000 reviews

RUBBERSEAL LIQUIFLEX®-PRO is a high performance, BBA certified, cold applied liquid waterproofing system that is fully reinforced with a polyester fabric. It has significant advantages over conventional liquid roofing systems because it can be applied wet-on-wet, is a single liquid product, fume-free and virtually odourless.

Providing tailored systems to your requirements

Elevate RubberCover EPDM Roofing System is the ideal solution for small residential flat roofs and other extensions, dormers, porches, garages, carports, garden sheds, and more.

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