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With over 18 years’ experience, Rubberseal is the country’s leading distributors in non-flame application, flat roofing, and waterproofing systems.

We are the main UK importer and distributor of Holcim Elevate EPDM and single-ply systems. We distribute a range of  liquid roofing systems and lightweight metal roofing. Our very own Liquiflex-Pro roofing system is the latest addition to our product range, excelling in the long term, watertight protection of various projects across the roofing, rail and construction industry.

As a Company, we offer unmatched proficiency and customer service. Our dedicated team made up of Area Managers, Laboratory Technicians and Technical Representatives are armed with an abundance of industry knowledge and infrastructure, ready to support our wonderful clients.

Our Divisions

Flat Roofing

We’re proud to offer a complete range of non-flame Rubberseal roofing systems. From residential roofs to larger, industrial projects, we supply liquids, self-adhesive systems, VCL’s, warm roof systems and green roofing for all your needs.


We also offer a range of membranes and liquid waterproofing systems for various applications required in modern construction; basements, foundations, concrete podiums, bridges and even car parks!

Pitched Roofing

We specialise in lightweight, long lasting roofing systems including metal tile systems and imitation slate from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Why Rubberseal?

We use high performance, BBA approved roofing systems to provide you with superior, long-lasting, results.

We care about our environment, encouraging sustainable practice by refraining from naked flames and supplying only cold-applied roofing and waterproofing solutions.

We pride ourselves on our professional service. From point of enquiry to next day delivery, we deliver in a timely manner.

We provide technical support for our clients and offer onsite training and advice for contractors on both commercial and residential projects.